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I am fascinated with gravity. It all affects us. It’s like magic. We cannot see gravity but we can see what it can do…

Same with love. Nobody sees love but we know what love can do. We laugh, we smile…our life shines because of that love. We also cry, we become frustrated, we become lost because of that same love.

But you know what? The most important thing is that we know love though many times we hardly understand, we feel love though we failed to comprehend love, we decide to love though we choose not who to love.

So the next time you fall, do not fall because of gravity. Fall for love. Believe me, it’s not magic. It’s a miracle!

World War II

World War II
(Mk. 3: 22-30)

Ikalawang Digmaang Pandaigdig. Nakita ng mga tao ang bunga ng pag-aaway-away ng mga bansa. Naranasan ng mga tao ang hirap ng pagkakawatak-watak at hindi pagkakaintindihan. Marami ang namatay. Maraming mga gusali ang nawasak. Maraming mga pangarap ang nawalan ng katuparan.

Dahil sa karanasang ito nag-usap ang maraming lider ng mga bansa at pinag-usapan kung papaanong hindi na mauulit ang malaking hidwaan na ito. Dito nabuo ang United Nations noong October 24, 1945 na magbibigay ng mapayapang kaayusan sa mga pagkakataon na hindi nagkakaunawaan ang mga bansa. Ito rin ang tutulong sa mga bansa na nakakaranas ng kalamidad at kahirapan. Ito ang bunga ng paghahanap ng mga bansa ng pagkakaisa para sa mga tao.

Ito rin ang nais ni Hesus para sa mga tao…na ang lahat ay maging isa katulad ng siya at ang Ama ay iisa.

Inakusahan si Hesus na ang kaniyang ginagawang pagpapagaling ay buhat sa kasamaan. Pero sinabi ni Hesus na hindi pwedeng mangyari ito sapagkat kapag kinalaban ng demonyo ang demonyo din sila ay magkakawatak at sila ay mawawasak. Nagdala si Hesus ng kagalingan dahil ito ang humihilom sa sugat na dala ng kasalanan.

Sa tahanan, kapag ang mga myembro ng pamilya ay nag-aaway at nagbabanggaan, ang pamilya ay hindi nagdudulot ng kasiyahan ay bagkus nagdadala sa kanila na lalong lumayo sa isa’t-isa.
Sa basana, kung ang mga tao lalo naang mga namumuno ay walang pagkakaisa, wala ring paglago ang bansa at sa halip ay hinahatak ang bawat isa pababa.

Sa Simbahan ay gayun din. Kung ang mga myembro ng Simbahan ay nag-iinggitan, nagtsitsismisan at hindi pinagkakatiwalaan ang kakayahan ng bawat isa, hindi rin magiging maganda ang pagsulong nito. Kung tayo-tayo ay may kanya-kanyang agenda na pansarili lamang, ang Simbahan ay tiyak na mapupunta sa kawalan. Kung tayo-tayo ay nagbabangayan siguradong sa kangkungan ang ating hantungan.

Let us unite under the one banner of Love!

On Leaving the Priesthood

Part 1 of 3

On Leaving The Priesthood

"You are a priest forever."

This verse is often quoted whenever we talk about the priesthood, but what does this really mean? Is priesthood a lifetime confinement of no escape?

An internet site says that at least 120,000 priests worldwide left the ministry in the past 60 years. While this may be a shocking information, we cannot deny the fact that priesthood faces different challenges amidst this fast changing world.

Priests leave the ministry for so many reasons although it does not happen in a snap. There are signs which indicate a probable walkout from the ministry. A very basic sign is the loss of prayer life. During the years in the seminary, prayer is seen as the foundation of everything. They are taught to quiet down, meditate and enhance their personal relationship with the person they want to follow-Jesus Christ. Priesthood, first and foremost, is a fruit of a personal relationship with Christ and serving the people is only an extension of following Jesus. When a priest stops praying he closes down the very source of his ministry and denies the very essence of being a priest.

Losing the community life is also a factor. A priest may one day wake up feeling unwanted by his confreres in the community where he is supposed to be welcomed and accepted as he is. In the loneliness of being alone, the sadness of being rejected, and the pain of being separated from loved ones, amidst the yearning for affirmation, the intoxicating boredom of office works, the suffocating criticisms of the faithful, and the surging guilt of unworthiness, to whom will the priest go but to a fellow priest who has experienced the same things he encounters. If the priest feels unaccepted by his brother priests, to whom will he turn to? Yes, even a fellow priest can make another priest walk away.

Fortunate is he if there's still a family waiting for him. But when he comes home, the place is no longer familiar. His parents may be long gone and his siblings may already have their own families. The children may probably not know the priest due to his absence for a long time. This leaves him lost, where will he go for support? He may find himself at a dead end. There is nowhere to go and an easy escape is to build some kind of defense mechanism. In front of the people, the priest now pretends in control of everything, especially his life. He strives for power- more power, to prove his significance. Other priests succumb to addiction like gambling, drugs, alcohol, TV, internet and sex. Still others turn to eating to forget, thinking that instead of being addicted to other things, better be addicted to eating. At first, it comes like a way of coping up but soon enough, the priest finds himself enslaved by these vices.

Then out of the blue, the priest finds himself in need of company. He feels alone, lonely and in need of care. he may find it with a very caring and loving woman. But when the community finds out, they will look at it this way, "Nakahanap ng babae kaya lumabas ng pagpapari."

Little did they know that the priest, human as he is, faces the same sufferings an ordinary human being can experience. He gets sick too and needs others to care for him. He gets irritated too, perhaps because of personal issues to confront which he may find difficult at the moment. He also gets insecure about financial stability, like what's going to happen to him when he gets old and needs to retire? He has secrets too- things he is afraid others may find out and his spiritual director may not always be around when he needs to spill himself, or he may not always feel like talking about his life with him at all.He also gets exhausted for overloaded works entrusted to him. And most of all, he feels dry too, sometimes or oftentimes, in the deepest recesses of his heart, for reasons, he as a priest can't also identify.

But when he heads towards the door with two hands up, when he gives up after all the hardships he's been to, the community without difficulty will conclude, "Nakakita ng babae kaya lumabas ng pagpapari."

Although priesthood, despite its vow for simplicity, is not that simple at all, a priest still has options he can take. He may choose to avoid making things complicated. He may decide to face his issues rather than hide from them in fear or in denial. Writing things down can help him know himself better. He, like anyone else, can discover the wisdom of circumstances once strong emotions subsided, this way, keeping a journal may help. The priest can plan for his life by setting goals about what he wants to do in the future. He may also choose to talk regularly with his spiritual director who willingly will help him when conflicts within himself arise.

There are more options to choose from, but the most important is, when he feels lost and wants to walk out, he can go back to the basic things he know by heart- to pray and rediscover the true desire that lives within his heart, and to enjoy his community with his brother priests and find again the lost fire that burns for the sincere yearning to consecrate himself to follow Jesus.

Because in the end, priesthood is still a mystery...

Love As I See It (Now)

Love As I See It (NOW)

If the person you love is asking you not to stay too close, but all you want is to be involved with his life, what would you do?

If a friend is becoming distant and you see him enjoying new companies and you feel left behind, how would you react?

If you wanted to stick to old feelings but the other person has found the courage to change, how would you accept it?

Kind of tormenting, isn't it? At the back of your mind, you think that if you let them be, the more distant they go, the greater the chances that they will love you less and eventually forget about you.

But love isn't something we require others to give us. We simply open ourselves and let them love us if they could, if they would...

Love is like a bird's nest that does not possess. It simply is there to give comfort when necessary but when the time to let go comes, it does not hesitate to set the beloved free.

Love is letting your beloved be what he aspires to be. It is being happy for him as you see him grow.

So if you feel sad, cheer up. Love isn't cruel, it's just painfully sweet...


(Mk. 6: 45-52)

Normal lang na makadama tayo ng takot.

May mga natatakot sa daga, sa ipis, sa palaka…

May mga natatakot din sa tao…takot kay teacher, takot sa magulang, takot sa asawa.

May mga tao din na takot sa pari…lalo na sa masungit na pari!

Pero sabi nung iba takot daw sila sa pari kase nung bata pa sila ay ipinantatakot ng magulang ang pari. Kapag maingay ang bata sasabihin: “Hwag kang maingay, magagalit si Father!” Kapag makulit ang bata sasabihin: “Hwag kang makulit lagot ka kay Father!” At pag nasugatan ang bata sasabihin: “Lagot ka, lalabas jan ang pari!”

Yung iba naman iba ang kinatatakutan. Takot na mabigo, takot na masaktan, takot na umiyak, takot na magmahal…

Ayo slang ang makaramdam ng takot. Yun ngang mga alagad ay natakot din. Napagkamalan nila na multo si Hesus na lumalad sa ibabaw ng tubig. Pero sabi ni Hesus: “Lakasan ang loob! Ako ito, hwag kayong matakot.”

Yun pala. Sa karanasan pala ng pagkatakot ay pwede ring matagpuan si Hesus. Sa mga pinagdadaanan pala na takot dapat ay lakasan ang loob at hindi dapat na matakot kase nandun ang presensya ng Diyos.

Napapansin nyo ba yung mga bata kapag natatakot kung ano ang kanilang ginagawa? Pag sila ay natatakot tatawagin nila agad ang magulang nila. Kapag malapit ang magulang sila ay kakapit dito. At kapag sobra ang takot nila sila ay yayakap. Mas malaki ang takot mas mahigpit ang yakap ng bata sa kanilang magulang.
Ganun din dapat tayo. Sa pagkatakot natin tawagin natin ang Diyos sa pamamagitan ng panalangin. Sa paglaki ng takot natin sa kung ano pa man sana ay mas mahigpit ang kapit at yakap natin sa Diyos.

“Lakasan ang loob! Si Hesus ito, hwag kayong matakot.”

So, matatakot ka pa ba?

Go Back

Go Back…

When you find yourself at a dead end what will you do? Yes, you will turn around, go back to where you have been and see if somewhere you miss a turn. In this case you will have a chance of finding the right track…

Same is true with life. Sometimes you will find yourself at a situation where you just realize that you are not maturing, a situation where you find hard to progress, a place where developing the self seems impossible. It is about time to decide.

You must trace the steps you have been through hoping that you will recognize the traps that you fell into, that you realize that you miss something in the past, that you fail to look at the signs pointing to the right direction. Nope, this is not the time to blame…this is the time to learn!

It is not wrong to go back. In fact it is necessary to understand the meaning of life. Failures are part of life. God allows it to happen for us to learn lessons in life.

At the start of another year, do not let yourself stack at a dead end. You will gain nothing if you just stop and stare at those walls. Go back to where you started. You will know the right way.

Don't worry, you are not alone.

See you there…


(Bagong Taon)

Papasok ako ng kwarto. Marami akong dala. Di ko magawang hawakan ang doorknob dahil parehong may hawak ang dalawa kong kamay. Natanong ko tuloy si Lord: “Bakit ba dalawa lang ang ibinigay mong kamay? Kung apat sana ay di mabubukasan ko ang pinto kahit may hawak ang dalawa kong kamay…”

Wala akong nagawa kundi ilapag muna ang aking dala. Nung wala ng hawak ang aking kamay nabuksan ko ang pinto. Kinuha ko ang inilapag kong dala at ako ay nakapasok.

Ngayong bagong taon wish ko ba na madagdagan ang aking kamay?

Nope…Nalaman ko na kailangang ilapag ang aking hawak upang makapasok. Natutunan ko na sapat ang aking kamay para sa mga gawain. Yun nga lamang gusto kong gawin lahat ng bagay ng sabay sabay. Gusto kong mapasaakin ang lahat. Gusto kong marating ang lahat. Gusto kong maangkin lahat…

Pero may mga taong ganyan. Gusto lahat ng magaganda ay maging girlfriend niya. Gusto lahat ng mga gwapo ay maging pag-aari niya. Gusto lahat ng bagong gadgets ay magkaroon siya. Gusto lahat ng talents ay mapasakanya. Gusto lahat ng atensyon ay sa kanya. Gusto lahat ng pagmamahal ay para lang sa kanya…

Pero hindi ganito ang buhay. We can only do so much. We can only have that much. We can only be that much. We can only love that much. There will always be a room wanting. Because we are not perfect.

But as imperfect as we are we must do our part…God will fill what is lacking!